A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Worlds based on animal occupation, with no humans, have been a common theme in media for as long as it has existed. Books, movies, games, cartoons - all of them imagined worlds based on animals.

But are they really all that they promise? When Mark is transported to one of those worlds, he has to make due. Find a home, an occupation, clothes that don't have holes in the backside - everything. And in the process he might just find love.

Avaliable in English and Portuguese.


I don't belong 1.0 - Mac.zip 57 MB
I don't belong 1.0 - Windows.zip 53 MB


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Me and my friend played this game all the way through. We both loved it, we kissed Tabitha, we were emotionally moved. PLEASE make more games in this series!!!! Are you going to finish the story??? Are you going to make more games? I thought the game was really deep. I related to it. Please, make more! It was great! Definitively, keep going!

If I had any feedback, it would be that I would like some more romance choices in the next game. In this one, it was just Tabitha, but I'd like some options to choose between. I think that would give the story more TENSION. But otherwise the game was great. Thanks for making it, and sharing it for free on this website, man.

Looking forward to following the rest of your games in the future    : )    <3